About me

Lara was born in Tokyo, and raised in the US, Canada, Spain and Australia.                           Her father is Spanish and her mother is Japanese.

She graduated  Audiovisual Communications and Multimedia Science in Madrid, at the Francisco de Vitoria and Complutense University in 2005. Here she wrote and directed 2 short films and one promotion video. She also participated in many other student films as well as creative design projects. These were the key creations that integrated her into the film industry.

As her appetite for cinematography continued flourishing, she came to Tokyo on a Government Scholarship and explored her dual identity. While she worked as a freelance production assistant in Japanese production companies, she entered Waseda University’s Graduate School of GITS, and completed a MA in the Multimedia Science and Arts area. This is where she filmed and directed her first long-length documentary「Madrid x 東京」”Madrid x Tokyo.” Today, she works with The Hafu Japanese Project and is currently in mid production of “Hafu-The Lives and experience of  mixed race Japanese people living in Japan” (working title).



6 Responses to About me

  1. Antoine says:

    Hello Lara,

    I just heard of the Hafu project which seems to be very interesting, and about the documentary Madrid x Tokyo you’ve done before. I wanted to know more about it and you, and I came across your blog.
    I was hoping to be able to watch the documentary, but i can’t find it.
    Do you know if it is available somewhere? On internet?

    Please let me know when you can, that would be nice’


  2. Alba says:

    hola lara! mi nombre es alba, soy española pero te escribo desde santiago de chile. me gustaría poder contactar contigo para hablarte de un proyecto que vamos a iniciar en tokyo…! dónde podría escribirte? mil gracias!

  3. jamesdolmio says:

    Hola Lara,

    I was wondering what was your perception on growing up as mixed in Australia.

    Te agredezco,


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